Staff Highlight – Mercy Malingu

Published on June 5, 2014 under News
Staff Highlight – Mercy Malingu

Tech Day

It’s a Wednesday morning in May and Mercy Malingu is quietly making the rounds in a sun filled room where children in Grade 4 are all sitting in pairs, excitedly playing on computers. They are all playing an educational game that aims to improve their listening skills and teaches them cardinal directions by following animated instructions.

When asked what skills technology can best facilitate, Mercy replied, “Listening skills, it helps the children learn how to follow instructions. Technology is our daily life, for example, we rely so heavily on mobile phones to communicate, and we have to know more about techn in order to fit into our own society.”

Mercy came to Hamomi four months ago in January and has been a wonderful asset to the team, shaping the childrens’ understanding of computers and technology. As a recent high school grad, she aspires to study at Kenyatta University with the plan to study nursing where she hopes to build on her knowledge of tech in understanding the importance and evolution of medical technology.

Upon graduation from high school, Mercy felt a call to teach and transfer tangible skills to others stating, “I wanted to put into practice what I’ve been learning and share what I know.”

“I wanted to put into practice what I’ve been learning and share what I know.”

Spoken like a true mentor. Bravo Mercy! We are so lucky to have you with us and wish you all the best in your future endeavors.