Alumni Spotlight – Godfrey Adede

Published on August 26, 2014 under News
Alumni Spotlight – Godfrey Adede

Meet Hamomi Primary School and Hamomi Secondary School Scholarship Alumni Adede Godfrey. Adede came to Hamomi in the 8th grade in search of the opportunity to continue his education. As a child of divorced parents, being raised by a single mother was tough and neither parents could afford to pay his school fees. It was through word of mouth that Adede found out about Hamomi and was accepted as a student.

Hamomi provided him and the other students solid meals, a school uniform and lots of encouragement.After graduation in 2009, Adede came back to Hamomi with the desire to give back and inspire students to learn the way his teachers, Raphael Etenyi and Msumba did. During a conversation outside the center, Adede recalled the days when he was a student noting the challenges of lack of funding and a shortage of teachers the school operated within. Since then, Hamomi has grown significantly and so has its staff.

Now at the shy age of twenty, Adede teaches Mathematics to upper primary students at Hamomi.

His personality is anything but shy. He sees himself as a mentor and a peer leader mentioning that the students see the value of honoring your word and that sets an example to them to fulfill their own promises and to join the spirit of giving back.

As an educator, his favorite part of teaching is the exchange of information and gaining motivation from the other teachers at Hamomi. Adede’s strategy with his students: To encourage hard work and recognize their support.

As a young leader, Adede feels the three most important traits a leader should possess are:

1) Plan:set goals, set a schedule to attain those goals and  stay organized

2) Practice: Work towards the goal, analyze often and revise when necessary

3) Passion: Acquire the will to change something; to be a role model to others.

Adede dreams of becoming a doctor and opening a clinic to serve his community. When asked what the health challenges are that face his community he noted Malaria, a shortage of doctors and high fees to hinder people from getting proper medical attention.

He is eager to attend a university in Kenya to achieve his dreams.

“Education has given me much respect from others in my community. Now I can gain respect from other people and solve problems.”