Inventions at Hamomi!

Published on May 31, 2017 under News

Hamomi students use their free time to play soccer, make crafts, draw, and be inventive. Last Saturday, a group of boys decided to use their time to make new chalkboard erasers for some of the classrooms. They used wood, old carpet, and super glue to create the erasers. The boys sawed their wood into blocks and sanded the edges down so no one would get splinters. They then cut pieces of old carpet to fit the blocks and super glued the carpets onto the blocks.

In total, the boys made nine erasers completely on their own. Staff were so impressed and thankful that the students used their time to make something useful for the school. Hamomi hopes to foster the holistic growth of our students in all aspects of life, and these boys showed their skills of creativity, inventiveness, and determination. We love seeing our students look beyond their education and are so happy to have new erasers!