Our Budget, Hamomi Childrens Centre

Feeding Program. Food and water, 2 meals a day, 6 days a week for 132 students & staff.

2013 Budget


(that's 15 a meal/person)

Staff Salaries. 13 full time Kenyan staff members who each act as teacher, tutor, social worker, partnership developer & program director. They deserve livable wages.

$2,234 average annual salary

2014 Goal: $4,800 annual salaries. Sponsor a salary!

Scholarships. At 36 scholarships awarded and counting. Scholarships cover everything: tuition, boarding, food, school supplies, transportation, medical care, extracurricular activities and spending money.


$1,000/year a scholarship

8 new upcoming 2013 graduates- sponsor a scholarship today!

School Operations.120 orphaned or vulnerable pupils attend our Hamomi Primary School entirely for free.



(that's $7.68 per pupil)

Medical Program. First-aid, annual check-ups, emergency and preventative care, and HIV/AIDS education



(that's $1.63 a person)

Foreign Volunteers. Manage 10-20 volunteers a year at no cost to our donors. Our clothing program relies on volunteers who carry donations with them.



Social Entrepreneurship. We invest in local innovation, creating a job market and helping sustain Hamomi. Four months into our 2013 solar lights social business launch, the loan has been 50% paid back!


$3,000 solar

venture loan

Administrative Costs. With our Lift Up Africa partnership, we keep admin costs well under 10% of the budget. All admin costs directly relate to accomplishing our mission.


Under 10%



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Our Budget

Grassroots Math

Funded entirely by individual donations. No grants.

No donor comprises more than 7% of our budget. This means losing one donor does not ruin us and we are not beholden to any single donor voice over any other donor voice.

Avg donation: under $100

Most common donation: $20

Automatic monthly donation set up by supporters add up to raise $18,720 a year.

We do not set our annual budget until after we have raised the money to meet that year's budget. No failed goals.

Hamomi-USA has one hired consultant. The rest are volunteers and unpaid interns.

Hamomi is a rare donor opportunity - small, reachable and values donor opinions. Got questions? Email us directly. Let's talk.


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