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Hamomi Primary School. Our primary school is entirely free for our 120 pupils, all of whom are classified as orphaned or vulnerable children. We will run a profitable school once we are in better facilities.

Hamomi Staff. Our 13 committed staff members from within the community don't yet earn livable wages. With a bigger budget we can rectify this. Their passion is Hamomi's driving force.

Secondary School. Education can't end at 8th grade. We award secondary scholarships for all our graduates. Now at 34 scholarships...and counting... Sponsors needed! Visit our budget page for more details.

Technical School. Failing primary school should not end a child's chances in life. If a pupil fails, we seek other avenues of education. Thus far, 2 technical school scholarships have been awarded.

Extracurricular Activities foster safe, nurturing environments, but take a budgeting backseat to more urgent needs. We keep these activities afloat through volunteers who update often on our blog.


Education is something we can all agree on. There is no fight against poverty without education as a central tool.

B.B. King may have put it best when he said "The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you." It means access & employability. There is no progress without it.

Tier 2

Kenya's 'free' primary schools have lurking costs, (books, uniforms, etc.), making them inaccessible to the kids we serve. Secondary school and university tuition are unthinkable.

Education was the obvious place to start when Raphael began in 1999. From 7 kids under an avocado tree a school grew. From there grew a passionate staff, a network of community support and a bigger concept.

Education remains the heart and soul of Hamomi's programs.


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