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Hamomi Provides a Complete Education

Here's How:

Hamomi Primary School

Our primary school is entirely free for our 120 pupils, all of whom are classified as orphaned or vulnerable children. We will run a profitable school once we are in better facilities. Our 13 committed staff members from within the community don’t yet earn livable wages. With a bigger budget we can rectify this. Their passion is Hamomi’s driving force.


Hamomi Scholarship Program

Education cannot end after 8th grade. We award secondary scholarships for all the Hamomi Primary School graduates. Our first Secondary School Scholarship Recipients are graduating from Secondary School this year. University is fast approaching. 34 scholarships awarded to date. Sponsors needed! Failing primary school should not end a child’s chances in life. If a pupil fails, we seek other avenues of education. Thus far, 2 technical school scholarships have been awarded.


Beyond the Classroom

Extracurriculars foster safe, nurturing environments, but take a budgeting backseat to more urgent needs. We keep these activities afloat through volunteers who update often on our blog.

Hamomi’s Approach to Comprehensive Care:

Food, shoes, clothes, medical care & social services. Solving pressing needs today, keeping students in our programs. Read more.
Complete & Free are key. After finishing Hamomi’s Primary School, all alumni receive scholarships through university. Read more.
Alumni become self-reliant adults as we create a job market through social businesses and investing in their ventures. Read more.