A Global Effort, Hamomi Childrens Centre

Volunteers are integral to our students' well-rounded educations. Whatever your passion, bring it to Hamomi. Browse the Hamomi Blog, read Volunteer Testimonials and send in your Volunteer Application today to get started!

Scholarship Sponsors are the reason we can guarantee our students continue their educations after primary school. Sponsor a scholarship & form a meaningful connection you'll never regret. Visit our budget page for more details.

Salary Sponsors mean we can reliably pay the staff. To hire full time employees we must be certain we can pay them every month. Visit our budget page to see how affordable it is to sponsor a salary.

Pen Pal Program. Become a Hamomi Homie and form an incredible friendship for $10. With such a small organization you get to know our students, & be involved in their lives. Find your new friend today!

Greeting Cards. Donate $25 and receive a pack of ten beautiful greeting cards made with photography by the students! Yet another example of the personal connection you get to have with our students.

A Global


Our long term vision requires raising Hamomi students patiently and thoroughly. Kids don't develop into self-reliant, skilled adults overnight.

Donors and Volunteers are huge factors in this. It is our aim to create meaningful ways for you to give. Your donation makes a real impact, and we don't want you to forget that!

Patrick Mainga, in a letter he wrote to his secondary school scholarship sponsors put it beautifully:

"Thank you for helping to keep mein school. I was not going to have opportunity. But you have been kind and you have helped me."  

Patrick Mainga will not live a life reliant on foreign donations, but donations will get him to a place where he can live independently and self-reliantly.

What Exactly is

Hamomi Anyway?

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