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Our 3-Tiered Approach


Tier 1: The Basics

Food, shoes, clothes, medical care & social services. Solving pressing needs today, keeping students in our programs.

Tier 2: Education

Complete & Free  are key. After finishing Hamomi's Primary School, all alumni receive scholarships through university.

Tier 3: Sustainability

Alumni become self-reliant adults as we create a job market through social businesses and investing in their ventures.



Getting to Know Hamomi

Walk through our multi-faceted, 3-tiered approach on this website or with this brief video called What Exactly is Hamomi Anyway? You can see in Our Budget how directly your donation makes an impact.

Think about the difference your support makes. A truly rare donor opportunity.




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About Us

Our Mission

Hamomi Children's Centre improves the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Nairobi, Kenya by developing adults with the skills necessary to improve their social and economic condition.

We offer comprehensive care by creating a safe and nurturing environment through which we provide the widest array of opportunities possible.

Under the

Avocado Tree

Raphael Etenyi founded Hamomi in 1999, taking 7 kids under his wing, teaching them in the shade of an avocado tree. 4 of them were without homes, so he found guardians from within the community.

From 7 kids under a tree, a school grew. From there grew a passionate staff, a network of support and a bigger concept. In 2007, Hamomi-USA launched to take on Raphael's long term vision. The model created under a tree with so few resources remains our backbone.

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