Sustainability, Hamomi Childrens Centre

Profitable School. We will one day run a profitable school independent of donations with half our students from families who can afford tuition. They will compensate for the other half who attend for free.

Better Facilities. Our biggest obstacle in the endeavor to run a profitable school is our facilities. Paying families cannot send their children to our dismal classrooms. We purchased land in 2013, on which we are excited to build! In talks with architects, designers and builders to better understand cost.

Creating Jobs. Our sustainable school will create jobs for Kenyans within the community. However, that doesn't mean jobs for every graduate. No matter how qualified, they face a bleak job market, which we will combat as well.

Sustainable Businesses. We will form a safety net for alumni by providing business classes and investing in social entrepreneurs. These measures will allow our alumni to take risks, be inventive and create more jobs.

Full Circle of Giving. This safety net and group of investors will not be solely from within the Hamomi administration. We are raising our students to understand that they have a responsibility to give back to Hamomi and children like them once they are firmly on their feet. Whether that is becoming guardians for orphaned students, hiring alumni or providing investment for an alumni business idea, each graduate will be expected to play a role in keeping Hamomi sustainable.



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We can bring children far on donor generosity, but in order for them to become well-rounded adults, they cannot be forever reliant on donations. Every decision we make is centered around this vision. 

Tier 2

Hamomi will be free from donations once we cross the major financial hurdle into better facilities. In 2013, we bought land on which we can build a profitable school. This vision means children in our programs can live free from donations.

Hamomi Briquettes

& Jua Nyumbani

Our oldest students are too young launch businesses, but we are planting the seeds that will come to fruition once they are old enough to capitalize on the opportunity.

Our first social business, Hamomi Briquettes, makes a clean burning, longer lasting charcoal alternative. Our second social business, Jua Nyumbani, is paying back its loan quickly, making solar lights affordable for our community with a unique rent-to-buy model.

All this  demonstrates to our students that they can be innovative, take risks and know Hamomi will invest in good ideas.

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