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Hamomi Meets Basic Needs

Here's How:

Food and Water

We serve 2 meals a day, 6 days a week to 132 students & staff. This relieves the burden of feeding another mouth in all respective homes. We want a full, diverse meal plan, but are limited by budget. We purchase water from a tap for hand washing, dish washing and drinking. Better facilities would mean easy access to water. This resource issue is far less complicated when you’re in a nicer neighborhood.


Medical Care

We are not an orphanage. We match orphaned students with guardians in our community who offer direct love & care, which an orphanage cannot. We can then meet the students’ other needs more effectively. We provide annual check-ups, first-aid, emergency care, preventative care and HIV/AIDS education. This issue is vast and complicated but we are working quickly to take it all on.

Shoes & Clothes

Shoes and Clothes

Students at Hamomi Primary School and recipients of Hamomi Scholarships

Hamomi’s Approach to Comprehensive Care:

Food, shoes, clothes, medical care & social services. Solving pressing needs today, keeping students in our programs. Read more.
Complete & Free are key. After finishing Hamomi’s Primary School, all alumni receive scholarships through university. Read more.
Alumni become self-reliant adults as we create a job market through social businesses and investing in their ventures. Read more.