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Tier 1: The Basics

Food, shoes, clothes, medical care & social services. Solving pressing needs today, keeping students in our programs. Read more.

Tier 2: Education

Complete & Free are key. After finishing Hamomi’s Primary School, all alumni receive scholarships through university. Read more.

Tier 3: Sustainability

Alumni become self-reliant adults as we create a job market through social businesses and investing in their ventures. Read more.

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Inventions at Hamomi!

Hamomi students use their free time to play soccer, make crafts,...
More Books Shipped In!

More Books Shipped In!

The kids were so grateful to receive a generous shipment of...

Hamomi in Photo Albums!

Hamomi Scouts
Mary Graham Volunteers at Hamomi
Volunteer, Elaine Zarzana, hands the camera to the kids
One World Musical Performance